Departing Thoughts from a Camper, Counselor, Ad Staff, and Office Staff Member

The Minikani Magic can’t accurately be shown on Facebook or Instagram or in a blog post. It may be glimpsed at in a wonderful video by Chole Proebsting or Oliver Weirdsma, but to truly understand what the hype is all about, you’ve got to be surrounded by dancing little and […]

Unconditional Positive Regard in the Minikani Experience

  As a camper, counselor, and administrative staff member, one of my favorite aspects of Minikani culture is the unconditional positive regard between campers and counselors. It’s hard to appreciate the full strength of it as a camper, but as a counselor the love and care you have for your […]

Day campers celebrated in new Steel Wolf program

Last summer, day campers, counselors and directors gathered around a campfire each week to share stories about wolves and leadership. While mostly fictitious lore, the stories represented a set of values that emboldened the Day Camp program this summer. Through a new accolade program called “Steel Wolf,” day campers were […]

Becoming our best selves: The Raggers and Bear Claw programs

By: Peter Drews Every summer, campers open the door to the cabin that will be their home for a week or two and are met with endless new stimuli: new friends, new counselors, new smells, new traditions. The list feels infinite. Among these novel experiences are what look like kerchiefs […]

Facilitating friendships through thoughtful cabin placements

The camper’s mind races leading up to the first day of camp. Among these thoughts is a question that has been kernel to the Minikani experience for almost 100 years: “Which cabin will I be in?” As you and your camper head to camp, the anticipation increases. Thoughts seem to […]

The role of the counselor in a camper-centric program

By: Rachael Shaff YMCA Camp Minikani counselors are known for their energy, enthusiasm and ability to inspire campers’ best selves. If you ask any counselor why they are passionate about camp, one truth rings through: When they were a camper at Minikani, a counselor inspired them to be themselves, unabashedly. […]