PREparing for your time as an LT

The Minikani Leadership Training  Program is a year-round training program for boys and girls beginning at age 15 and culminating after three years of commitment.

The goals of the program are:

1.  To instill a commitment to YMCA core values and a service toward others.
2.  To develop leadership skills such as respect, responsibility, communication, and decision making, all in an outdoor setting, at Minikani and within the community.
3.  To create a well-trained group of young adults committed to leadership and helping others.

To pass the “Spirit of Minikani” to the next generation of leaders

  • Participants of the LT program are directly and at all times under the immediate supervision of 2 Leadership Directors. During the summer LT Is & IIs live in Halquist Lodge with the Directors and are also expected to work with their directors on helping to plan their trip or LT service-based trip.
  • Each participant is evaluated throughout the Leadership Training Program. Two written and confidential formal evaluations are given, as well as constant feedback on strengths, weaknesses and how they have progressed.
  • The Leadership Programs require hard work and dedication. There are required service hours that must be fulfilled to continue in the program, as well as training weekends at Camp Minikani.
  • The Leadership Programs are challenging. This program is unique in that it is highly rigorous both physically and in its expectations for growth. We expect those that are accepted into the program to perform at their highest ability.
  • The Leadership programs are a three-year commitment. When participants are entering their third year, the program holds them to the highest standard of leadership skills. There is a fee for the year-round preparation, but participants are paid for summer participation (4-week commitment plus one week of required staff training and optional additional roles).


Leadership Training Program Manual

LT Skills Map

LT 1 Hike Packing List

1 Week Overnight Packing List

LT Doctor/Physical Form


We believe that part of being a leader means giving back to one’s community through volunteer service. We also believe that volunteer experience is both a valuable and rewarding experience for young people and adults alike.

Depending on the T’s level they are required to participate in a number of hours helping the community or camp. This community service must be completed before arriving at camp for the summer camp session. Hours can be turned into the directors upon arrival. The hour requirements are as follows:


LT Year At Camp Hours Outside of Camp Hours
I 1 Event 10
II 2 Events 10
III 2 Events & Winter Camp 10

All service must be documented via forms sent to the LT.

Community Service Opportunities: