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For a comprehensive list of resources, please see the handbook for your child’s program:





Paperwork may be completed through your family portal account at minikani.campbrainregistration.com. If you are unsure of your login, please contact the office at 262-251-9080.

Day Camp & Equestrian Day Camp Forms:

• Day Camp Medical Form
• Proof of Insurance and Immunizations
• Parent/Counselor Confidential form
• Behavioral Agreement

MiniCamp Forms:

  • MiniCamp Medical Form
  • Proof of Insurance and Immunizations
  • Parent/Counselor Confidential form
  • Behavioral Agreement


What to Bring to Camp

Day Camp Packing List
MiniCamp Day Camp Packing List

What to Leave at Home

• Cell phones
• Video cameras
• Personal music or video game devices
• Laptops or other electronics
• Jewelry and other valuables
• Pets
• Fireworks
• Aerosol spray cans
• Alcohol
• Tobacco products
• Illegal substances
• Weapons of any kind
These items will be confiscated immediately. Possession of drugs, drug paraphernalia, tobacco or alcohol products is grounds for immediate dismissal.

Cabin Requests

Camp is an opportunity for children to meet new people and have new experiences. However, we do understand that some campers may have reservations attending independently, especially if it is their first time. As such, we allow campers to request one friend for their group. Requests are made by contacting the office at minikani@ymcamke.org by the Monday before your child’s session.

Requests are honored if both campers are the same gender and within one year of age. Both families must mutually request the campers to be in the same group. Groups comprised of three or more friends oftentimes unintentionally exclude others who attend independently. In order to provide a rewarding experience for campers who attend alone, requests among three or more campers are not able to be honored.

Drop off & Pick Up at Camp

Drop-off begins at 7:30 a.m. each day and ends at 8:20 a.m. Pick-up begins at 4:15 p.m. and ends no later than 4:45 p.m. All Day Campers must be signed in and out at the Halquist Family Lodge. Only authorized parents/guardians or an individual you authorized in writing can pick up your child. Any adult authorized to pick up a camper must present a valid photo ID at Halquist Family Lodge prior to departure. Please note that pets are not permitted on the grounds.

Attendance is taken on a daily basis. For liability and safety reasons, it is extremely important we know when your child is not at camp. If you know your camper will be absent, please notify the director at 262-251-9080. If you need to pick up your child early, we ask that you inform the office before noon that day by email to minikani@ymcamke.org.

Drop Off & Pick Up at the Bus

Bussing is available from Wauwatosa or Whitefish Bay for $70 per camper, per week. Please sign up for real-time bus alerts by texting the code that corresponds to your camper’s week and bus route (MINORTHSIDEBUS, MIWFBBUS, or MITOSABUS) to 855-651-4579. Please subscribe on the Sunday before your campers session.

Day Camp Bus Transportation

Bus Route




A Mayfair Mall- Northeast Parking Lot, Hwy 100, Wauwatosa


Northside YMCA, North Ave, Milwaukee







B Bayshore Evangelical Lutheran Church, Hampton Road, Whitefish Bay 7:35am 5:25pm


Each child’s swimming capabilities will be checked by our expert aquatic’s staff. Campers are then placed in activities appropriate to their swimming ability. Some activities (such as the trampoline) require a life-vest for ALL swimmers. We staff the pool and waterfront with trained lifeguards to ensure the highest level of water safety.


What is the daily schedule?
What are skills?
What if my child is sick or hurt at camp?
What if my child has allergies or dietary needs?
What if my child is shy or nervous around new people?
Why do you group by age and not grade?

What is the daily schedule?

Traditional Day Camp

7:30-8 a.m. Drop-off
8:15 a.m. Group time
8:45 a.m. Password (small skit performed by counselors)
9:15 a.m. Skill Session 1
10:15 a.m. Skill Session 2
11:15 a.m. Skill Session 3
12:30 p.m. Bagged lunch in the lodge
1:00 p.m. Group activities
4:30 p.m. Cool down time
4:30-5 p.m. Pick-up (bring photo ID)


7:30-8 a.m. Drop-off
8:15 a.m. Group time
8:45 a.m. Password (small skit performed by counselors)
9:15 a.m. Miniskills
10:15 a.m. Snack
10:45 a.m. All Minicamp Activity
11:45 a.m. Lunch
12:30 p.m. Rest Time
1:00 p.m. Pool Time
2:00 p.m. Group Activities
4:00 p.m. Snack
4:30-5 p.m. Pick-up (bring photo ID)
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What are skills?

Skills are fun activities that your child may participate in.

MiniCampers’ skills are chosen for them, in order to provide a range of age-appropriate experiences.

Day Campers are able to sign up for up to six different skills—three for Tuesday and Wednesday and then three new skills for Thursday and Friday.

The five different skill areas are:
• Adventure Challenge – Rock wall & high ropes course
• Crafts – Arts and crafts
• Waterfront – Swimming and boating
• Games & Rifles – BB rifles (8 years or older), air rifle (10 years or older), disc golf, and archery
• Wilderness Survival Area – Fishing and nature
Day campers will be allowed to choose skills based on availability after overnight campers sign up, therefore we recommend Day Campers think of many skills they are interested in taking.
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What if my child is sick or hurt at camp?

Our counselors and staff are dedicated to the safety of your child. Minikani has a RN or LPN nurse onsite 24 hours a day and certifies all counselors and staff in First Aid and CPR. You will be contacted in the event that your child is injured or sick. In the event of an emergency, your child will be taken to the nearest hospital. If we are unable to reach you and your spouse, we will call your emergency contacts and/or primary care physician.
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What if my child has allergies or dietary needs?

Please indicate your child’s allergies or dietary needs on your medical paperwork. We read all information and pass this to the appropriate directors, kitchen staff and counselors that will interact with your child. Camp is strictly peanut and tree nut free; however, sometimes Day Campers may accidentally pack nut products in their lunch. Our counselors and directors monitor lunches and ensure that any nut products are consumed in a separate room.
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What if my child is shy or nervous around new people?

We are very deliberate in fostering a safe environment where friendships and confidence grow. We will create an experience for your camper based on the information you write in the Parent/Counselor confidential form. Completing this form will help us ensure that we are proactively working with you to ensure your child is welcome and included in a way that suits their personality. Additionally, we take a strong and proactive stance against bullying. Parents and children are required to complete the behavior agreement prior to attending camp through the family portal.
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Why do you group by age and not grade?

We group our campers by age primarily because our accrediting and licensing bodies use age as a criterion. For example, our Minicamp program is licensed by the state, and our participants must be ages 5 – 6. Because age is the criterion used by these bodies, we also use it for grouping our groups. Additionally, by using age to place campers into groups, we can match the developmental stages of youth as accurately as possible.
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