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Camp Minikani Covid-19 Response for Summer 2021

May 11, 2021 Update:

Hello Families!

We are excited to welcome you and your camper back for our 102nd summer in just a short time (40 days to be exact!!). We have been working diligently here at camp to welcome your camper back this summer as safely as possible.  We can’t wait for a summer filled with friendships and new memories.

Linked here is our COVID-19 “Playbook”. This playbook outlines the changes we are implementing this summer to ensure that all staff and campers are being kept as safe as possible, while still feeling the full Minikani Magic that we all know and love (or may be experiencing for the first time).

Please take some time to review this playbook. If after reviewing this playbook you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by email or phone, and one of our camp staff will be able to review your questions or concerns.  We understand that COVID in the US and Wisconsin is ever changing.  Please know, this plan along with any updates that may occur will be posted both at Minikani.org and on our Facebook page.

We look forward to welcoming our families back this summer and cannot wait to see you all.

In the Spirit,

Eli Fyksen – Executive Director; Rachel Kornetsky – Summer Camp Director; Kallie Larson – Equestrian Director; AJ Laughlin – Business Specialist; Seth Blanchard – Member Engagement Director; Patrick Quella – Property Director; Emily Gilmore – Groups and Environmental Education Director; Tracy Hennes – Camp Administrator

As we look toward summer 2021, we do so with hope and expectancy.  Warmer weather, better testing, better treatments, a vaccine, and knowledge all play a role in improving the landscape of the pandemic.  Although questions remain, as it pertains to the pandemic, we are optimistic about what this summer will bring. We do know that most likely COVID-19 will still be a part of our lives during summer 2021 and are planning as such while still providing campers with a safe, meaningful experience.

All information listed is intended to share the essence of how we will operate camp in 2021 and will most likely change as plans develop.  Expect more information on COVID-19 plans before final payment is due.  Final procedures will be communicated via the parent handbook to registered campers by 5/1/2021.

Did Camp Minikani operate in 2020?

Camp Minikani made the difficult decision to suspend overnight camp operation during Summer 2020. We did, however, operate day camp successfully with an average of 85 campers/week.  We had no cases of COVID-19 in 2020. Through this experience and based on guidance and recommendations from the American Camp Association, YMCA of the USA, the CDC, and other overnight camps that did operate in 2020, we are adapting our camp plans to operate Minikani as an overnight and day camp in 2021.

As we move forward closer to 2021, and the COVID-19 climate changes, please keep an eye on this webpage as we will continue to provide updates on how we will keep our kids, staff, and all of our loved ones as safe as possible.

Please review the following information and strategies that we will be following for summer 2021.


Campers and Families will be asked to limit their exposure for the ten days prior to camp and/or be asked to provide a negative COVID-19 test. We are still working out the exact requirements pre-camp and will communicate more when we solidify procedures.

Check In and Check Out will be limited to keep the number of people on site to a minimum and properly distanced.  Parents will be asked not to enter cabin areas.  Times will be provided to spread out the check in or check out process.

*More details will be provided in the Parent Handbook which will be sent to registered campers by 5/1/2021.

Health Screening:  All campers will undergo temperature checks, a self-reported health screening in the days leading up to camp, and a screening during check in for any symptoms of COVID-19.


Our goal is to maintain our traditional summer camp experience while keeping kids and their families as safe as possible.  We know masks will be a part of camp, however, by no means will campers be in masks for most of the day.  Campers will be allowed to be without masks if they are with their cabin (inside or outside), with their cohort (small group of paired cabins) outside, or outside (maintaining distance of greater than 6 feet) with other cabin cohorts.  While crossing cohorts inside campers will be expected to where a mask or when social distancing between cohorts is not possible.

Taking a break from wearing a mask will always be possible so long as a camper is outside and has a really large distance between them and others!


Each cabin group will operate as a household.  Interaction with other cabin groups will be limited to a small group of cabins.  When interacting with other campers outside that group social distancing or masks will be required.  Modifications will be made to choice based activity times (e.g. skills) to enable these layers of protection.

We are thinking of it this way: Minikani is a city, our units are small neighborhoods, and our cabin groups are households.  When we visit a “neighborhood” all campers will be outside and masked.  Although we may pass by other “households” or “neighborhoods” while outside we will always maintain a distance of greater than 6 feet.


Additional hand washing and hand sanitizing stations are being added throughout camp.

Program supplies and equipment will follow American Camp Association procedures to be sanitized between uses.

Common surfaces will see increased sanitization.


Modifications will be made to the camp schedule to limit groups in each area at any one time to allow for physical distancing between cabin cohorts.

Multi cabin activities will take place outdoors and utilize physical distancing.  This may include: meals, campfires, unit days, and evening activities.


Based on our consulting physicians’ recommendations, if demonstrating signs/symptoms of COVID-19, campers/staff must leave camp and are encouraged to get tested.  If not tested, may not return for 14 days.  If they receive a negative test, they may not return until they have been symptom free for 48 hours.  If positive test, must go by CDC/Health department guidelines.  Camp staff will conduct daily health screenings of campers.

We will be adding an outdoor first aid station for minor injuries at camp.  Further details will be available in our parent handbook, which will be released by 5/1/21.