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10% of Camp Minikani's yearly energy is produced

by our solar panels. 

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Here are the forms and information your group will need when coming to Camp Minikani:

At Camp Minikani, we are here to answer any of your questions or concerns. Following are some commonly asked questions to help you as you prepare for your visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're considering planning a school retreat at Camp Minikani - can we reserve dates over the phone?

Yes, you can reserve dates over the phone; however, dates can only be secured when the non-refundable deposit and agreement paperwork are received at Camp Minikani.

Are you open all year-round?

We are open for group rentals during the spring and fall seasons. 

How much of a deposit is necessary to reserve space?

The deposit is $500, or 20% of the expected total fees (whichever amount is greater). This payment, along with the facility use agreement paperwork, are required. The deposit amount is applied toward your total invoice, which is due within 30 days of receipt.

Can we take a tour of Camp Minikani?

We would be happy to give you a tour! Just call ahead and let us know the time and day and we'll arrange for someone to give you a personalized tour of camp.

Does Camp Minikani's insurance cover us during our stay?

No, each group is responsible for providing their own insurance and signing a notarized Hold Harmless Agreement.

What is the capacity of YMCA Camp Minikani?

We have the capacity to sleep up to 295 people.

We'd like to have the entire camp for ourselves - is this possible?

We cannot guarantee exclusive use unless you request it and there are no other groups booked at that time. Exclusive pricing is available upon request.

What kind of activities do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of activities, all listed on this site. In addition, we have field guides for most of the classes and we also have basketball and volleyball courts, a variety of indoor activities and a nature trail.

What is Camp Minikani’s policy on alcohol and tobacco?

We are a tobacco and alcohol free facility. If evidence of such activities is discovered, a $250 fine will be incurred. Firearms, alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, candles, incense and pets are not permitted at YMCA Camp Minikani.

If there's more than one group at camp, which group gets use of which areas?

We will work with group leaders to schedule facility usage to the best of our ability. We want to make sure that everyone enjoys their stay at camp and can usually accommodate all groups' needs.

We want to cook our own food - can we use your kitchen?

We cannot allow groups to use our kitchen; however, we do provide excellent meals! Please note that groups of less than 30 are subject to a higher meal cost when no other groups are at camp.

Do you have laundry facilities available?

Unfortunately we cannot provide laundry services for any of our groups. However, there are coin-operated laundromats in Richfield, Germantown, and Menomonee Falls, which are only a few minutes drive away.

What happens in the case of a medical emergency?

While we do not have a nurse on site, we do have individuals who are First Aid and CPR certified on site at all times. Groups are responsible for their own health care decisions, and all incidents must be reported to our staff.


For more information, please contact 
(262) 251- 9080.




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