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10% of Camp Minikani's yearly energy is produced

by our solar panels. 

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Our job, and our passion, is to invite students to get their “hands dirty” in nature – whether that is standing chest high in our lake learning about aquatic ecology or deep in our forest learning about ecosystems.

Our program and facilities include:

  • A well-trained, motivated staff to be with you every step of the way
  • Environmental Education programs designed to meet age-appropriate learner outcomes established by the Wisconsin DPI* 
  • Programs featuring live animals provided by Wanakia Wildlife
  • Five major habitats
  • Activities geared toward the season in which you are visiting
  • Pre- and post-visit activities
  • Comfortable sleeping accommodations and professional food service

A full list of nature education programs can be found in our Program Guide.

NEW PROGRAMS! Including Outdoor Skills, GPS, Star Lab, Forest Diversity, Earth Sciences, and Watershed and Water Quality. Our new Emriver Stream Table and Enviroscape Watershed Models help students actively explore the interactions between water, land, and human activity.

We also offer nature photography. A great way to appreciate the beauty of nature!

* The DPI Standards specify what students should know and be able to do, what they might be asked to do to give evidence of standards, and how well they must perform. Following is a link to the classes offered at Camp Minikani and the DPI Standards that are met.

In-school class offerings

From November-April, we’re available to come to your school and teach a variety of lessons to your class. We offer a selection of classes that are great for weekly visits to your class to educate your students on important issues. The best part of this offer is that it’s entirely free, and requires no extra work on your end! Each of these lessons is broken up into multiple week sessions. The four lessons we are currently offering are:

  • Composting & Gardening (can be two separate lessons, or one lengthy one)
  • Ecological Footprint
  • Environmental Media
  • Ecological Needs and Habitat Assessment

YMCA Camp Minikani is proud to be a member of the Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education (waee.org). Together we share a mutual goal of promoting responsible environmental action through education in the classroom and in the community.



For more information, please contact 
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