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Equestrian Summer camp, like no other place in the world, is uniquely capable of fostering life-long friendships and helping kids gain self-confidence.  Designed for campers with a passion for horses we will help your child learn to ride or enhance their current riding ability all while fostering the four core values that are at the center of the YMCA philosophy.

Supervised by our well-trained, safety-certified staff our programs offer a variety of options for riders of all levels and styles.  Our goal is to allow campers to follow their dreams of learning to ride while expanding their responsibility and respect through riding and horse care.  Programs are based on ability and experience as well as age.

For a guideline of specific camp riding ability requirements, outline of daily activities or to request an assessment lesson, call 262-251-9080 x6450.



Day Camp 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday

With the exception of Young Equestrians, campers split their day between equestrian activities at the barn and participating in the regular day camp program on the main camp. While at the barn, campers will enjoy a variety of riding experiences including lessons, trail rides and learning different aspects of horse care.


Taking the Reins Ages 7 - 11

A beginner level camp for those with an interest in horses, or those who need more confidence. This camp includes basic riding and horsemanship skills. This camp is geared toward those who have never ridden a horse before or have very limited horse experience.

Sessions Offered: All one-week sessions


Trailblazers Ages 9 - 12

An intermediate level camp designed for campers who are comfortable in the posting trot unassisted, at least one full lap. Campers will improve riding skills and knowledge of horse care.

Sessions Offered: All one-week sessions


Young Equestrians Intermediate Ages 10 - 14

For the horse-loving camper who wants to spend their whole day in the barn. Campers should have completed Trailblazers or be able to post to the trot and ride independently at walk and trot. In addition to riding each day, campers will build on their knowledge of horse care and stable management, assisting in lessons and helping in the barn. Young Equestrians are given the opportunity to cool off during the day with a swim in the lake or pool.

Sessions Offered:  2A, 2B, 4A, 4B


Young Equestrians Advanced Ages 10 - 14

For the horse-loving camper who wants to spend their whole day in the barn. Campers should have completed Young Equestrian Intermediate OR be able to walk, trot, and canter independently without assistance. In addition to riding each day, campers will build on their knowledge of horse care and stable management, assisting in lessons and helping in the barn. Young Equestrians are given the opportunity to cool off during the day with a swim in the lake or pool.

Sessions Offered:  1A, 1B



Equestrian overnight camps are a unique blend of horsemanship and camp activities where memories are made and campers try new things.  Your camper will take care of their own horse for the week; ride twice a day; and learn about horse care/stable management.  At some points in the day and the evenings cabins will join in on the fun of regular overnight camp activities.  


Fireside Riders - NEW FOR 2016!! Offered During Session 4A Only

This camp is designed for campers who want an equestrian experience but aren’t ready to invest an entire day at the barn. Fireside riders will spend their mornings at the Equestrian Center, riding and learning about horses. In the afternoon, Riders will integrate into traditional camp activities, participating in all the fun activities Minikani has to offer. The best of both worlds! This is a beginner

Beginner Equestrian
Ages 8 - 13

Our most popular camp geared toward campers who have never ridden before or are a little timid, this week at camp will help build confidence on and around our mild-mannered horses.

Session offered: 1, 1A (Western Week), 1B (English Week) Two-week session now available


Beginner/Intermediate Equestrian
Ages 8 - 13

Designed for both the beginner rider or those who can walk and post to the trot independently and with good control. Campers grouped according to ability.

Session offered:  4A, 4B Minisession


Intermediate Equestrian
Ages 8 - 13

If your child has some experience and is comfortable riding at the walk, trot, and canter, this camp will build on those skills with instruction from our experienced instructors and counselors.  Campers will learn to jump on the flat and for those ready will jump the crossrails.

Session offered: 2, 2A, 2B Two-week session now available


Western Week 
Ages 8-13

YEEHAW!  Minikani has a western riding week.  This riding style founded in the American West is a great way enjoy horses in another discipline.  We will teach kids to build confidence around horses, trail ride and ride western style “just for the fun of it.”  Appropriate for the beginner and intermediate horse lover.

Session offered: 1A, 3A


Equestrian Explorers **NEW for 2016**
Ages 13-15

Your child’s first week is spent at Camp Minikani, building a strong peer community bond and learning important skills to set the stage for success. During the second week, Equestrian Explorers head to the beautiful Northern Kettle Morraine to camp with horses, trail ride, hike, and enjoy the area’s lakes. Extensive horse knowledge not needed, however, at least completion of one equestrian camp and/or regular riding lessons at an outside barn required. Participants should be able to handle a horse at the minimum of a walk and trot in an open setting.  All campers will learn responsibility and form a special bond as they take care of their own horse for a week, gaining knowledge on how to care for them in a setting away from home. Additionally, learning how to respect nature as we ride over beautiful hills and through river crossings is something that will never be forgotten. Campers will sleep in tents on their trip and prepare their meals outdoors. 

Session offered: 3 (2-Week Session)


Not sure where your child fits in? The Equestrian Center proudly offers evaluation lessons prior to summer camp. An evaluation lesson is a FREE 15-minute lesson in which campers demonstrate their riding skills with one of our professional instructors to see which camp is most suitable. We want to ensure your child is in the camp best suited for their riding ability. For those who live far away, a note from an outside riding instructor is sufficient. To schedule an evaluation lesson, please contact Emily at elundquist@ymcake.org or by phone at 262-3251-9080 x6451.



ELT-Equestrian Leadership Training Program
Ages 15-17

For our oldest equestrian campers the ELT program offers young adults the chance to hone their overall leadership skills over three years.  Running parallel to our wildly successful Leadership Training (LT) program the ELT program builds on leadership around peers, campers, and horses.

The goal is to pass the love of horses and the “Spirit of Minikani” to the next generation.

  • Participants of the ELT program are directly and at all times under the immediate      supervision of a director. During the summer ELT’s stay with the Directors and are also expected to work with their directors on helping to plan their trip.
  • Each participant is evaluated throughout the Equestrian Leadership Training Program. Two written and confidential formal evaluations are given, as well as constant feedback on strengths, weaknesses and how they have progressed.
  • The ELT Program requires hard work and dedication. There are required service hours that must be fulfilled to continue in the program, as well as training weekends at Camp Minikani.
  • The ELT Program is challenging. This program is unique in that it is highly rigorous both physically and in its expectations for growth. We expect those that are accepted into the program to perform at their highest ability.
  • The ELT Program is a three-year commitment. When participants are entering their third year, the program holds them to the highest standard of leadership skills. There is a fee for the year-round preparation, but participants are paid for summer participation (4-week commitment plus training and optional additional roles).

Community Service Project

We believe that part of being a leader means giving back to one’s community through volunteer service. We also believe that volunteer experience is both a valuable and rewarding experience for young people and adults alike.

Depending on the T’s level they are required to participate in a number of hours helping the community or camp. This community service must be completed before arriving at camp for the summer camp session. Hours can be turned into the directors upon arrival.







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