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Emily Lundquist - Equestrian Director

Nancy Anheuser - Equestrian Instructor, Group Coordinator

Nancy Anheuser
Equestrian Instructor, Group Coordinator

My experience with horses began at age 12, learning to ride at Joy Farm by earning a Girl Scout Horsemanship badge. That began my lifetime passion for learning all I could about horses. I owned my 1st horse at age 19, learning to ride western pleasure, reining, and speed. From the beginning I was interested in riding and retraining problem horses and delighted in creating a bond based on trust and consistency. I have experienced the excitement of showing, trail riding, parade groups, horse clubs, dressage training, and cross country eventing. Now I am privileged to work with our special group of Camp Minikani horses.

My approach to teaching adults and children about riding and horsemanship is to assist my students in learning the skills needed to not only ride, but to care for and handle a horse consistently and respectfully. I especially enjoy starting out the young children on a lunge line, riding a horse for the 1st time. Watching them experience the delight of being on a horse, walking, and eventually trotting, reminds me of all the reasons I have enjoyed horses in my life. To be able to pass that on to others is a wonderful gift!

Emily Lundquist
Equestrian Director

I grew up on the only farm in my town, surrounded by a variety of different animals which I loved, cared for, and showed throughout 4-H. Despite always wanting a horse, I started off showing beef cattle, pigs, rabbits, chickens, and dogs. After years of begging, I finally received Saddleseat lessons as a gift and things took off from there. I got my first horse at age 15 and have since competed in many different disciplines including jumping, English pleasure, Western pleasure, and trail class. I served as a working student under a professional trainer for two years and learned tons about the care and training of horses.

After renting and running my own small barn for two years, it was my love for horses that led me to Minikani. I took the position at the equestrian center as the Barn Manager in November of 2012. With experience in a multitude of areas and a few vet tech courses under my belt, I feel right at home managing the Minikani barn and herd.

With my free time I enjoy spending time with my son and my two dogs. Besides showing horses, I enjoy trail riding, overnight horse camping, and photography. I have been so fortunate to witness the way that both camp and horses impact the lives of young people here at Camp Minikani. As always, I look forward to all the new faces and being able to take part in strengthening of bonds of friendship and confidence. I could not have found a better place to be every day than at Minikani!





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